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  1. This is an inspirational site. My husband and I have also been married for a few decades and come from different backgrounds (Mexico & U.S.) One question I have for you is why use a diaphragm? I assume that, like for most couples over 40, you are not thinking of making more babies. Why not a tubal, a big V, or even IUD or condoms? The diaphragm seems like more trouble and less reliability.

    • Gloria: Firstly, thanks for your kids worlds about this site. To answer your question, we’ve previously used an IUD with good results; but the second one was “lost”. In other words, it fell out. It was probably miss-sized; but, it was still a couple of office visits to the doctor and x-rays to verify that it wasn’t stuck somewhere. And, even though we’ve had other procedures and are definitely not thinking about having any more children, neither of us could quite come to grips with the permanence of surgical methods of birth control. So there really aren’t many other alternatives. A diaphragm is kinda a nuisance; but we make sure to keep one in our travel kit and have plenty of spermicide available. But; we probably should revisit the importance of live ammo.

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