Friday Featurette #29

The Wife's bikini on the floorThis hasn’t been the best of weeks, obviously; but we’ve resolved to still live and not hide in a hole. We’ll run the same road races that we have always entered, and do what we do generally. We know there will be better days ahead. Here’s to the great summer days to come. Have the best weekend that you can.

Friday Featurette #18

The Wife putting on her swimsuitIt’s snowing again. And it’s cold too. Neither of which are unusual for around here for this time of year; but knowing that doesn’t make the winter go any faster. So, we’re going to break with tradition and post a picture from t, his past summer that we’ve probably posted before. We almost never post “older” photographs; but, it’s been so dreary recently; we wanted something to remind us of summers past and future.

Friday Featurette #4

We will soon be homeward bound; but we couldn’t leave without taking at least one “in the hotel room getting dressed for the beach” photograph. Our pool is closed for the season another on; so it will be a long time before I can snap a photo of The Wife putting on a bikini.

This new server is definitely easier to do photos and videos things with. I just noticed that this is the first post that only contains a single picture. There have been multiple images (or movies) in all of the other multimedia posts.