Wednesday Weirdness #361

I had another one of those “this has to be done by end of day” tasks assigned in the late afternoon. It goes with the territory; but it’s getting old. Sometimes it’s necessary. But, sometimes it’s just poor planning.

Monday Monologue #361

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had a great weekend on the road. The only bad part was returning to the cold and dark on Sunday.
  • I know I say this every year; but I hate the time change.
  • It’s also annoying to set our old-style analog watches with second hands since it can only be done accurately when the second hand is on the hour.
  • It’s almost time to winterize our boats. A sad but necessary step that marks the absolute end of rowing season.

Wednesday Weirdness #360

I got assigned a “has to be done by end of day” task at kept me working right up until the midnight deadline. I understand the need to sometimes work extra hours. However, making something a requirement doesn’t add any additional hours in the day and almost always guarantees a rushed finished project.

Wednesday Weirdness #359

The Wife’s Fitbit did not auto-register the last run that she did. You can enter the activity manually. But that defeats the whole purpose of having a fitness tracker. We’ve had a lot of issues with technology recently.

Friday Featurette #356

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherToday was a very frustrating day at work. Everyone has one occasionally. But I seem to be having a lot recently. I am always happy for the weekend. But, today, I am especially happy for the weekend. Of course, I’m really dreading Monday. But I’m really planning to enjoy the next 48-hours as I refresh, relax and recharge. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #356

After the latest update, my fitness tracker has a habit of notifying me that it needs to be charged at 4AM in the morning. I don’t have time to charge it in the morning before work. So, I’m stuck waiting to charge it until that evening and hoping that the battery doesn’t die during a workout. To me, the old behavior where I received a notification when the battery discharged to a certain level even if it is was during the work day was better.

Wednesday Weirdness #355

The auto-brightness feature on my phone has weirded out. Now, no matter what the lighting conditions, it’s always much too bright. I’ve tried a few things; but, so far, nothing works. Hopefully, I’ll be able to fix it soon. Because, right now, its a gigantic nuisance.

Wednesday Weirdness #350

Our spam filter is configured to restart on regular intervals which usually works well and ensures that it doesn’t run long enough to hang. Except occasionally, it takes a long time to start after being stopped and we get a flood of spam. I’m not surprised. But we get a LOT of junk mail when its offline for just a few minutes. It’s amazing how much email on the internet is unsolicited.

Wednesday Weirdness #348

My car starts reminding me that I need an oil change when there is 8% oil life left. I drive a lot and it will still be weeks before it gets close to zero. It wouldn’t be a problem if you could dismiss the reminder for a while. But you have to dismiss it every time you start your car in order to use the LCD display on the instrument panel. I change my oil regularly. But I don’t want to be constantly reminded; especially after I have already made the appointment. One of the nuisances of driving a high-tech vehicle.

Wednesday Weirdness #347

We were getting a lot of spam flagged as good recently so I cleared the database that our learning filter uses. It’s slowly relearning what is spam and was is not. But we don’t get enough mail to train it very quickly. I wish there was a good way to save emails in the raw format it uses. The we could teach it very quickly. Until then there is going to be a lot of manual relearning.