Wednesday Weirdness #328

I basically got an email saying that I had fulfilled a request incorrectly and it needed to be fixed immediately. Of course, I hadn’t previously been informed about the special requirements. I wanted to respond (but didn’t) that I had no way of knowing since no one ever bothered to tell me. Instead I was polite. Still, it’s very frustrating when people expect you to read their mind and be aware of things they have never mentioned.

Wednesday Weirdness #327

Sometimes, I wish I could un-RSVP. Especially when the stated purpose of an event changes. I’m a busy person and, just because I was “free” for something, doesn’t mean that I’m free for anything and everything that might be scheduled for the same time. People who don’t value my time don’t deserve as much of it as my sense of personal responsibility requires.

Wednesday Weirdness #326

I stopped at the ATM when I was running errands only to discover that it was out of money. Obviously, that happens; but, after a recent upgrade, it doesn’t indicate that it can’t dispense cash until after you’ve used your card and entered your PIN. And, I still had to decline an offer for additional information on one of their financial products in order to “cancel” the withdrawal that was already disabled. That was the frustrating part.

Monday Monologue #325

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).
  • Winter is coming. Or more specifically the Polar Vortex will be pushing a cold front our way. We have cold winters generally so we have “big coats” and everything else we need; but, it’s still no fun. I’ll definitely be using the remote start in my car.
  • Out of curiosity, I looked up the current wind chill formula and discovered it was created and calibrated using human test subjects in freezing cold wind tunnel. I know that some people are accustomed to the cold; but, that’s definitely not the sort of thing I would ever volunteer for.
  • Today I ended up parking my car next to someone who parked very close to the line. It was the last space availed or I would have parked somewhere else. I wonder why people don’t park at least a little bit neater; especially in a crowded garage. I left them as much space as I could; but, I’m pretty sure they had to get in on the passenger side.
  • I looked at some tax stuff on Sunday. Not too much since I didn’t want to get annoyed or aggravated. But a least it was a start. I’m hoping if I do it in small chunks rather than in a few long sessions it won’t be quite so frustrating.

Wednesday Weirdness #324

It was below zero on Monday after a weekend full of snow and ice. Not it’s raining and in the 44-degrees. That’s already a dramatic swing in the weather. Another wild swing is expected tomorrow with forecast temperatures near zero. Spring can’t come soon enough for me.

Monday Monologue #322

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The water was higher than we would have liked and it was a bit breezy; but, we rowed over the weekend. Very slowly and very carefully. It’s supposed to snow before the end of the week; but, Saturday was a good day on the river.
  • The crisis that started on Friday continues to expand. I’m spending more time giving status updates that I am actually fixing the problem. Christmas vacation was an eternity ago.
  • I did not take the Christmas tree down as I had planned. I’ll save that chore for a day when it’s cold and snowy outside. (Like the forecast for next weekend.)
  • The National Championship game doesn’t seem too interesting. Hopefully things will change. But this has not be a good year for fans of the playoff system.

Wednesday Weirdness #319

The frustrating thing about looking for a new bedcam is the lack of detailed feature descriptions. Especially from the newer, non-traditional camera manufacturers. There actually may be an inexpensive camera out there that suits my needs. But, I have no way of knowing. The product listings are basically worthless since they lack even the most basic information.

Monday Monologue #319

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The battery died in my SUV last week. I noticed that it was starting slowly and had it replaced before we got stranded somewhere. But, I still didn’t like buying a new battery or paying for a charging system diagnosis.
  • For the second time in three weekends the weather warm enough to row; but, the river was unrowable due to high water. We don’t take chances in cold water. (Even when spring seems very far away.)
  • We’re almost ready for Christmas which is a good thing since Christmas is next week. I still have a few gifts to wrap and, if the weather cooperates, set up some additional decorations outside.
  • I’m not quite fully recovered; but I’m mostly over the lingering cold I’ve had. I hope it’s the last one of the winter. I’ve certainly been sick for a long time.

Monday Monologue #318

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I never realized how much I use the remote start feature of my car when it’s cold until it wasn’t working since the check engine light was on due to one of the occasional false alerts that clears itself after the car has been driven for a few medium length trips. Not what you want to happen in the winter.
  • I washed my car this over the weekend since the weather was supposed to be clear until later in the week. Of course, it snowed today. Not a lot; but enough so that the roads has to be salted. So now my car needs washing again.
  • For the second time in as many fill-ups, I accidentally put regular gas in The Wife’s car. So, once again it was off to the auto parts store for a bottle of octane booster. An engine with a turbocharger is nice; but it only drinks premium gas.
  • I still have my cold; but I slowly seem to be getting better. Unfortunately, now The Wife has caught it.

Monday Monologue #317

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Sunday was warm and sunny so we were at least able to run in the park. Unfortunately, the river was too high to row from all the rain. And it’s supposed to snow later tonight. It was expected; but still frustrating since yesterday had great weather for December.
  • I updated the database that supports this blog to the latest version. The upgrade with amazingly smooth even for a “major” upgrade. Something may be broken; but, everything I’ve checked looks good.
  • We dropped from the 92nd percentile to the 98th percentile in the energy efficiency score our electric utility has recently started distributing. I’m sure it’s just a computer program; but I don’t think we’re actually being compared with comparable households.
  • I need to go to the car wash and get the salt off my car. Unfortunately, it always seems to be snowing or raining. Sunday was dry. But the car wash I like was closed and now the weather is wet again. We’re really not liking the last few weeks of fall.