Friday Featurette #258

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionToday is a getaway day as I like to call them. Which means we don’t have to work and are heading off into the sunset. The “sunset” in this case is a quick weekend trip. The weather is great warm and sunny with neither rain or cooler temperatures in the forecast. We plan to take a few more Fridays off this year to enjoy the day and elongate the weekend. You can never have enough three-day weekends.

Friday Featurette #256

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionRain is forecast for today and tomorrow until the remnants of the hurricane move off to the east. Sometimes we get damaging rain, wind and hail in the aftermath; and sometimes just rain. Comparatively speaking, a little rain isn’t bad. And, once it clears, it looks like the rest of the weekend will be warm and sunny. Have a great three-day holiday weekend. See you on the other side.

Tuesday Two For #254

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairWe haven’t made a lot of progress toward fixing the sound tracks on videos. The best solution would be to reduce the noise at its source; but, there isn’t an easy way to do that besides getting a new bed. The second-best solution would be to take pictures elsewhere; but that isn’t regularly possible, especially with our summer schedule. So, it’s still on the to-do list as we search for alternatives.

Friday Featurette #251

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairI found the “good” battery to our camera. Unfortunately, I somehow mixed it up with the “bad” one and don’t know which is which. It’s obvious when the bad one is being used because the camera dies so quickly. I hope to make a “test” movie to identify the good one.

Unfortunately, not many photos or videos from our last session. Here is a still of a movie that we started to make.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday Two For #251

I seem to have misplaced our”good” camera battery after I took it off the charger. I don’t misplace things that often, and I am usually pretty good at finding things when I do. But I didn’t realize it was missing until I noticed that the battery compartment was empty when I was reinserting the memory card and there wasn’t a lot of time to look for it. So, I did not get to work as much on videos this week as I planned since the camera battery died. Hopefully I’ll find it quickly. Meanwhile, I still have a few videos of our “preparations”.

Tuesday Two For #250

We are still investigating the audio problem with our videos. Sound seems to be better equalized when the microphone is farther away from the sources. So, the next thing to try is repositioning the camera and use the zoom. Hopefully we’ll find a solution sooner rather than later. Meanwhile here is one if our test videos.