Wednesday Weirdness #334

A K-Cup came apart while being brewed in our single-serve coffee maker and got grounds everywhere.  I finally had to partially disassemble the unit to get everything cleaned out.  We enjoy the varieties of single serve.  But the coffee makers themselves a lot more finicky than a traditional coffee maker.  Hopefully we won’t have another problem for a while.

Wednesday Weirdness #333

After surviving the winter, our furnace is broken (again).  I’ve ordered a replacement part that should be here soon.  Of course, its old enough that it could be something else.  Thankfully. Its not freezing cold outside.  Last night was a bit chilly. But, not like in the depths of winter.  We’re really glad it’s mostly spring.

Monday Monologue #333

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • There have been several of outages in the data center our server is in; both scheduled and unscheduled recently. Thanks for sticking with us. Hopefully you are able to read this.
  • It was a bit chilly on Sunday afternoon; but we were able to row both days this weekend. That makes it seem more like spring even though the weather was too dark and rainy to do anything outside today.
  • We need to get new tires for our SUV. We’re use to below-average fuel economy, so, most of the time, we really like having a larger vehicle. Except when we need to replace the tires or do similar maintenance. Nothing that fits our vehicle is competitivity priced.
  • We are going to be offline for the rest of the week. We will see you in seven days.

Wednesday Weirdness #330

I discovered have not one but two small cavities at my most recent trip to the dentist. Fillings are always a nuisance for me since the local anesthesia doesn’t work very well and I often end up just having to hold still while they drill. I’ve already scheduled the appointment; but I am not looking forward to it.

Monday Monologue #328

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • Today is a holiday for some. Unfortunately, I am not one of the lucky ones. For me it was just a regular work day. Memorial Day is still a long way away.
  • I had to recharge the tank of our reverse osmosis unit thus weekend. Unfortunately, you can only add air when the tank is empty. Then you have to wait for hours until the tank refills to see if it’s under or over filled. Not the best way to spend a Sunday.
  • We decided to watch a movie in the home theater since it was typical February weather outside. We (especially me) like our spectacle-type moves. They look great on a big screen with surround sound. Much better than on the A/V system in the living room.
  • I put my snowmobile suit back in the basement. Not because the weather forecast calls for warmer weather. Despite the winterly mix we are having today, I’m hoping the bitterly cold snowy days are over.

Monday Monologue #327

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • I’ve been getting a lot of spam calls recently on my mobile phone. I Know it must work or the spammers wouldn’t do it. But, wonder who answers numbers I don’t recognize. Especially on a mobile phone where almost everyone is a contact.
  • Except for the price, I really like the new eyeglasses I got recently. I’ve never worn contact lenses even though I am very near-sighted. So, it has always been somewhat of a challenge to find glasses that look good with my prescription.
  • One of the updates I did back in January broke something and I only just detected it. It took a forever to find it; because I was first focusing on more recent changes. Very frustrating.
  • It’s been hard; But I’ve been doing a pretty good job of not gaining weight this winter. I try and do a variety of workouts; but, after several months indoors at the gym, they all become pretty monotonous. Especially since there haven’t been very many days where we could get outside.

Monday Monologue #323

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We got a LOT of snow this weekend as forecast. I had to clear the drive way on both Saturday and Sunday. There definitely will not be any rowing for a while.
  • I didn’t realize that the tires on the power base I use with the snow blower were low on air until I was finishing up. I wondered why it was such a struggle to maneuver even considering the fact that the unit doesn’t have reverse.
  • Our new refrigerator is already showing a message to replace the filter. It likely a time-based warning and doesn’t really need to be replaced since all of the water in the kitchen goes through an advanced filtration system. The “replace filter” light on the old refrigerator rarely illuminated since it always reset after a power failure.
  • Since the only thing to do outside was shovel snow, we got all of the Christmas stuff put away over the weekend. It’s past time; but we would much rather have ben rowing three weekends in a row.

Wednesday Weirdness #322

I somehow ended up on a political issues mailing list that is totally opposite of my actual viewpoint. I wonder if the was an error in their analytics or if I’m being pranked by someone. The emails are so melodramatic that they are actually somewhat amusing so I haven’t blocked them yet. But, I do wonder if the author is just trying to get attention or really believes what they have written.

Wednesday Weirdness #321

I stopped into our local discount super store to get a Blu-Ray to watch over the weekend and was on my way the front to the check out when I noticed that someone had opened the inner wrapping and removed the card with the digital movie code but left the disk. I would not have thought that would be something people would shoplift. I guess some people will steal anything. I’m just glad I noticed before I left the store. From now on, I’ll have to carefully inspect the packaging of the movies I buy.

Wednesday Weirdness #319

The frustrating thing about looking for a new bedcam is the lack of detailed feature descriptions. Especially from the newer, non-traditional camera manufacturers. There actually may be an inexpensive camera out there that suits my needs. But, I have no way of knowing. The product listings are basically worthless since they lack even the most basic information.