Wednesday Weirdness #357

The Wife and I finally found matching base layers to wear when we are rowing. Usually we don’t think about it until the weather is already cold and then it’s too late as either her size or my size is sold out. It was weird trying on clothes for cooler days while its 70-degrees outside and we are wearing shorts. But that’s the way things are these days,

Monday Monologue #356

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our weekend was busy and somewhat hectic. But it was good. Soon enough, there will be plenty of weekends where all we do is sit inside and look out at the snow.
  • I cut the grass this weekend. It needed mowing in some spots, especially in the shade; but must of it was still short and dry. The drought we’ve been having has been hard on our lawn.
  • We’re having a heat wave with temperatures expected in the 90s for the next few days. We got in the pool on Sunday. We’ve done so in late September before; but yesterday was definitely the warmest.
  • The warm weather that we have been experiencing is going to make it even more depressing when it cools off. The last two weekends have been great.

Monday Monologue #354

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We survived Friday the 13th (and a nearly full moon) without any major mishaps. But it was somewhat eerie.
  • It’s been very dry here. So much so that we had to water the grass (and skip mowing) over the weekend. It’s probably too dry; but we clear weather is good for row rowing races.
  • It’s going to be a long season for our favorite professional football team.
  • The Wife got a new diaphragm. More on that later.

Wednesday Weirdness #352

The river we row on has more obstacles than usually because of the low water level. Stumps and other debris that would ordinally wash downstream gets stuck on the bottom and becomes a hazard. Low water is more of a nuisance than we would have thought. We can still row; but it comes with its own problems.

Wednesday Weirdness #351

I’ve already starting seeing advertisements for the 2020 releases of various products. These days, everything is like cars. Next year’s editions come out in July or August. It does kinda make the 2018 versions I use seem old and in need of updating.

Monday Monologue #346

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • After a zero-day work week and a four-day work week, this week will seem long.
  • Its been hot so I haven’t been cutting my grass. Our grass is only slightly longer than that of our next-door neighbor who has cut his twice. But it’s much greener.
  • We got in the pool on Saturday and didn’t even need to turn on the heater. It’s been that warm recently. It won’t last; but after the cold, wet spring the July heatwave has been great.
  • The new air-conditioner that we got last year is fabulous. It runs way less than the old one; but still easily keeps the house cool.

Wednesday Weirdness #344

I recently discovered that misplaced the clip to the hitch pin that I most often use. Replacement hitch pins are easy to find. But its not so easy to find the clip by itself. I’m probably not the only person to ever lose the clip. But, it’s a lot more difficult than you would expect to find that part by itself although I did eventually find one. It shouldn’t be that hard.

Wednesday Weirdness #343

I just placed an online order for which the expected delivery date is next Friday. 10 days to receive my items and the price wasn’t too good either. Why raise the price when you know you have slow delivery? Not the way to create satisfied customers. I’ll definitely be looking for another seller.

Monday Monologue #339

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our yard looks great. I spent all day Saturday outside mowing, trimming edging and cleaning the pool. Of course, I didn’t do anything fun.
  • The feeder on my electric trimmer broke and started eating string so I switched to my gas trimmer which, amazingly, started on the first pull. Then it’s feeder also broke down when I was touching up the last few areas. Hopefully I can get the replacement parts before I need to use it again.
  • It may be pointless given recent history; but we turned our smart thermostat to our preferred summer settings which favor cooling rather than heating.
  • No rowing again today. These days, it seems that we spend more time checking to see when river will be rowable than actually rowing.

Monday Monologue #338

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife had a good Mother’s Day weekend. Its always good when we can all be around the same table at dinner. Even if it’s only for one day.
  • Sunday was cold, wet and miserable. And unfortunately, grass cutting day. Since I’m busy through the week, I need to cut the grass over the weekend regardless of weather. The blade lawn mower kept fouling in the tall wet grass. So, I spent an extra-long time in the outside in rain.
  • I think that I’m catching a cold. Probably from the yesterday. Not the best way to start the week.
  • It’s supposed to warm up later this week; hopefully for good. We’ve been teased before. We’re hoping it stays warm for the rest of the summer. We’ve both had enough of this cold, wet spring.