Monday Monologue #93

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Last weeks’ vacation was fabulous! And, unlike in past years when we had a lot of obligations in the fall, we’ve starting to think about when we might take another one. It still seems strange NOT planning for our kids’ events; but it does give us a lot more flexibility.
  • Everyone really likes the new smartphones we got last week. They are bigger. And faster. And easier to use. We won’t be trading them in for a long time.
  • The Wife and I did some painting in a much needed area over the weekend. It looks really good; but now it makes places that we were NOT thinking about painting look more in need of it. That’s often the way things go I guess.
  • I ordered a couple of replacement throttle springs for the lawn mower since I used my last one recently. Every year, one or two get caught and completely stretched out of shape. For some unfathomable reason, it’s on the front in a very exposed part of the engine and frequently gets stretched or broken when I’m cutting around shrubs.

Monday Monologue #80

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The wife and I went showrooming over the weekend. That wasn’t our predetermined intent. But local all retailers weren’t remotely price competitive. I like to support local business. But not when the price difference is 10 – 15%.
  • It’s been a process adjusting to the realization that we’ll be continuous empty nesters in few months. But it’s very easy getting used to the idea that we’ll have “extra” money. The days that we deferred buying many things for ourselves to is almost here.
  • Someone at work is so androgynous that I’m not sure if they are male or female. Always wears pants and polo shirts. Medium length hair. Moobs or boobs. Nothing particularly telltale. I’m wonder if that’s purposefully their style or if they don’t know how ambiguous they look.
  • I’m don’t think either team playing in the big game tonight is representative of CBB. I’ll probably watch some of the game but I won’t be “rooting” for anyone.

Wednesday Weirdness #47

Our daughter has left for school; but we are NOT empty nesters since our son is staying at home while he looks for a job after graduating this spring. It’s kinda weird him being around while she’s away since he’s older and it was always the other way around. After being away for so long for his studies, we’re glad that he’s home; but it’s been an adjustment getting used to someone else being around the house at this time of year.

Monday Monologue #32

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I saw online somewhere that WordPress will be 10 years old later this month. Amazingly, we’ve been using it for 8½ of those years. It’s amazing to think that we’ve been blogging for that long. The blogosphere has certainly grown up in that time.
  • I’m starting to get really, really annoyed with video advertisements in the margins of web sites that I am visiting that suddenly start playing; especially when there is no way to mute or pause them. I often have multiple tabs open so it’s difficult to quickly find the one that is making noise.
  • Even though we go through things regularly and discard or donate items that we no longer need, The Wife and I occasionally still find items that we wonder why we still have. Yesterday, we came across the “kids” TV remote control. It wasn’t even programmed for our current television! It just became part of the background in the living room.
  • I’m a “bachelor” for a few days this week. This is the first time since we became semi-empty nesters that at least one of the kids hasn’t been home when The Wife or I have been on the road. Its definitely different and not in a good way.