Monday Monologue #310

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I just got a new case for my phone. The old one did a good job of protecting the phone. But, I hadn’t realized how much the plastic had yellowed. Or, how hard buttons had become to press. I didn’t know it how much I needed a new one.
  • The cable TV technician was able to fix the missing channels issues I was having. I didn’t realize it until I scheduled the service call; but, they work weekends now. They are a lot more customer focused now that they’re losing subscribers to the competition.
  • I cut the grass over the weekend even though it was wet. Unfortunately, there’s going to be a bit of wet grass smell in the garage for the next few days. If it’s warm enough, I’m going to thoroughly clean off the mower next weekend after I cut the grass.
  • I turned on the fire place for the first time this season on Saturday. It came on without any problems and worked fine. But; it’s a bit depressing how quickly the summer has gone.

Monday Monologue #264

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I cleaned the tile in the shower over the weekend which is a good thing since it really needed it. Unfortunately, I spilled cleaned on the floor and ruined a bath towel which is not a good thing. Amazingly, I was able to find an identical replacement at the store.
  • I finally retired my wallet after most of the stitching came undone. So, now I’m trying to break in a new one. It’s only be a couple of days and it still feels like I’m sitting on a brick.
  • We made sure to enjoy the weather this weekend. We rowed both days and did the homeowner thing which was good since there has been a steady rain since early this morning. I think we’re done with the yard except for a mowing or two until next spring.
  • Even though I arrived 20 minutes early, I still had almost two hour wait for an appointment I had today. What’s the point of taking appointment’s if you’re going to be so far behind schedule? What a gigantic waste of my time.

Wednesday Weirdness #263

We closed the pool yesterday. We thought about getting in it one last time over the weekend. But the sun is so low on the sky we would have been in the shade most of the time. Having a heater is nice. But, it still can’t make up for a sun that barely seems to come over the horizon. So, we went for a row and did the homeowner thing instead. Spring seems a long time away.

Monday Monologue #255

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The eclipse today was super cool. We don’t live in the path of the totality; but it still got dark enough that wildlife was confused. Birds were flying around confused and roosting for the night. Water fowl got out of the water. And other things like that. Glad we decided to go watch it outdoors.
  • Our vacation was great! Almost enough to keep us going until Labor Day. We really hated to see it end. Especially since the weather around here is turning cooler after having 90-degrees temperatures every day while we were on vacation.
  • I had to have the hard drive replaced on my computer at work. Unfortunately, a few programs were corrupted before I noticed including Internet Explorer which seems impossible to fully uninstall and reinstall. And a lot of other automatically applications send you to web sites using the default browser.
  • I’m more relaxed than I was before our vacation; but I’m so far behind at work that I’m sure it’s going to take me all week to catch up. But, our vacation was definitely worth it.

Friday Featurette #212

The Husband lying naked on the bed waiting for The WifeThe wife and I were on vacation again today. Unfortunately, it was cold and blustery outside so we couldn’t get out and enjoy the sun since there wasn’t any. Saturday is more of the same; but Sunday is supposed to be bright and sunny. Still, we enjoy our long fall weekends since we know that winter is right around the corner. Have a great weekend. See you on the other side.

Monday Monologue #212

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We closed our pool today. The weather is warm and sunny; but it was still kinda depressing.
  • It’s still a couple of weeks away; but there will be no Halloween candy for me this year. I don’t want to need a crash diet the first week in November like I did last year.
  • The wife and I went on an evening row again today. Nowadays, it’s something fun to do; but, when we first got started, rowing in the dark was something to be avoided.
  • I’ve been ordering a lot of things on Amazon recently because it’s so much more convenient than going to the store. That seems counter intuitive until you venture into a local store and nobody knows where anything is and you have to wait in a long checkout line when you finally find what you are looking for.

Monday Monologue #206

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Except for being the symbolic end of summer, The Wife and I really enjoyed our extended Labor Day holiday weekend. It was long and relaxing. I wish we had more weekends like this one.
  • We cleaned the hard water stains off of our boat on Saturday. We don’t think about it since its (mostly) clear; but, it’s amazing how dirty water is. This is the second time we’ve done it this summer.
  • When the sun is out, it doesn’t seem like fall; but, college football was back this weekend and pro football will be back next weekend. We love fall sports; even though we prefer summer weather.
  • We can tell that summer is winding down now that the house is cooling down at night rather than warming up when the smart thermostat allows the temperature out of the comfort zone when we are sleeping.

Monday Monologue #163

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had a fabulous weekend on the road away from the (soon to not be here) temporary dog. Sometimes upscale hotels are worth the money.
  • Our SUV is in the shop getting repaired so I’m driving item #2 on our adult toy list for a few days. The turbocharger, or more specifically the acceleration it provides, is way cool.
  • It’s finally gotten cold outside now. We’ll (hopefully) be able to row for a few more times and then we’ll be done for the year. It was as good season. We really wish it wasn’t over.
  • I haven’t been in the gym for a few days and really noticed when I was workout out today. It was surprising how quickly I lost strength. I’ll be back at it hard this week.

Monday Monologue #157

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Sorry for the untimely responses to comments. It’s been happening for a while but I only recently discovered that our spam filter is eating WordPress notifications
  • Where did the summer go? Unless we unexpectedly get a warm day in the next week or so, we’ve gotten in our pool for the last time this season. (I wish I could say the same thing about cutting the grass.)
  • I’ve become so accustomed to using Windows 10 that using Windows7 at work is starting to seem strange. It’s almost starting to feel like Windows XP.
  • The grass in the back yard is getting long. And needs to be cut. Unfortunately, with the shorter days, it’s become a weekend only thing. And, since it’s the only time you can do things outside, most fall weekends are busy ones.

Monday Monologue #56

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I’ve now cut the grass two Sundays in a row. There isn’t enough light to do it in the evenings anymore and we’ve been busy on Saturday. But, since I almost never used to mow on Sunday, I’m starting to feel like one of those people who does there lawn twice a week and plans their schedule around the weather and their yard work.
  • I wish that I could thumb type better. It’s frustrating not being able to do things online while I’m waiting on the computer to finish installing or updating something. Especially in situations like earlier today where a video drover update hung on a blank screen and I had to completely power down and perform a full install which took a lot longer than I planned.
  • I was on hold for almost an hour trying to contact the IRS about a notice I received trying to find out what form I needed complete and mail them to correct their records. A financial institution didn’t properly report something; but, of course, it’s our responsibility to make the corrections.
  • It was kinda sad making our last lap around the course that we row on the river and downloading the data from our SpeedCoach. There is a chance of snow this week and with the blow freezing temperature we are having at night the water temperature is dropping fast. We like the change of seasons but we are definitely becoming more summer people.