Monday Monologue #98

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We went out to dinner with our extended family and had bad service yet again. We’re completely mystified why they all like places where the dining experience is terrible. Especially since there are much better restaurants just down the street.
  • I’ve discovered the next gadget to put on the list for when we have plenty of money and are living large. A refrigerator with a built in touch screen display.
  • I’ve been doing much too much with the “temporary” dog. I just keep telling myself that it’s not going to be for too much longer.
  • The weather was so dreary that we didn’t feel like going rowing today even though it wasn’t raining when we would have actually been on the water. It’s early August; but it seemed like a gray November day.

Monday Monologue #33

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It was just for a long weekend (for Mother’s Day); but it was GREAT having our son AND our daughter home. We don’t all get together nearly as often as The Wife and I would like. We watched the last Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, in the home theater on Friday. Is been forever since we had a movie night with all four of us.
  • I found a dead thing in the pool on Sunday. That would not ordinarily be news except that we no longer have a vacant lot next to us; so I had to find another way to dispose of the carcass. Bloated, blackened carcasses are nasty! Now I wonder what everyone else who has a pool does with the critters they find in their skimmers.
  • Our Keurig coffee maker totally weirded out today. It was working fine in the morning, then, in the afternoon, it started making partial cups. I tried all the standard fixes without any success. What ultimately fixed it was blowing out all of the crud that was restricting the water flow with compressed air. I’m still not sure how something that we only fill with reverse osmosis water got so dirty. It’s working like new now, so, we won’t have to go through coffee withdrawal on Tuesday.
  • I was going to get a new gas grill to kick off the summer; but, while I was shopping for a new one, found replacements for the troublesome components. So, for less than $75 our grill will be as good as new. I just need to fill the propane tank. The place I go is kinda out of the way; but it’s a LOT cheaper than swapping the tank since they only charge for what they put in.
  • For a variety of logistical reasons, we won’t be having our photo season until Thursday. So this week’s photo posts will be delayed. But, as they say “it’s all good”.

Wednesday Weirdness #8

I did not realize it until yesterday (Tuesday); but Thanksgiving is actually next week rather than the week after. I am usually MUCH more aware of upcoming events, so it’s surprising that the holidays are already here. The Wife and I are both looking forward to everyone in the family being in the same place. Those occasions have become more and more rare; but, for a few days, it will be just like old times.