Wednesday Weirdness #350

Our spam filter is configured to restart on regular intervals which usually works well and ensures that it doesn’t run long enough to hang.  Except occasionally, it takes a long time to start after being stopped and we get a flood of spam.  I’m not surprised.  But we get a LOT of junk mail when its offline for just a few minutes.  It’s amazing how much email on the internet is unsolicited.

Wednesday Weirdness #348

My car starts reminding me that I need an oil change when there is 8% oil life left. I drive a lot and it will still be weeks before it gets close to zero. It wouldn’t be a problem if you could dismiss the reminder for a while. But you have to dismiss it every time you start your car in order to use the LCD display on the instrument panel. I change my oil regularly. But I don’t want to be constantly reminded; especially after I have already made the appointment. One of the nuisances of driving a high-tech vehicle.

Wednesday Weirdness #347

We were getting a lot of spam flagged as good recently so I cleared the database that our learning filter uses. It’s slowly relearning what is spam and was is not. But we don’t get enough mail to train it very quickly. I wish there was a good way to save emails in the raw format it uses. The we could teach it very quickly. Until then there is going to be a lot of manual relearning.

Wednesday Weirdness #346

After a recent update, The Wife’s phone stopped sending emails. I think I’ve fixed it; but often when this has happened in the past, I’ve had to delete and re-add the account. I’m amazed that software in such widespread use on a “flagship” phone is so buggy.

Wednesday Weirdness #342

When I could get back on line after our computer outage, one of the first things hat greeted me besides an overflowing inbox was a WordPress upgrade notice. It went smoothly. However, after the disaster that was my last computer upgrade experience, it wasn’t what I wanted to see. WordPress isn’t in the category of software where thorough testing is very important since it doesn’t crash the entire computer when it breaks. But. it is still annoying to find bugs that should have been caught and fixed by the developers.

Monday Monologue #342

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • It took most all of the weekend; but out computer is finally back to normal. Faulty software is very annoying. Especially when the system keeps crashing so you can’t uninstall it.
  • I had an excellent Father’s Day! I spent time with my kids. And then later I visited my Dad. Definitely one of those days that doesn’t come around too often.
  • I was able to cut the grass today before it started raining. Unfortunately, we have a lot more free time that we would like since it’s too wet outside for our usual activities.
  • I haven’t washed my car in weeks since its always either raining or about to rain (and the car wash is closed). Weather-wise this has not been a normal spring.

Friday Featurette #341

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherThe computer we most often use started displaying the dreaded Blue Screen of Death the last time it was rebooted. I’ve tried various things to find and fix the problem; but, thus far, nothing works. Not an ideal way to end the week. Hopefully I can fix it quickly and won’t need to work on it all weekend. We back up regularly so nothing is lost. But I can’t restore until I can get the system to successfully boot. Wish me luck. And have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #341

Our spam filter didn’t restart properly after a system restart so we woke up to inboxes overflowing with spam. I know why it happens; but, it’s still a nuisance. Updates and the resulting reboot are unfortunately necessary in today’s world. But it would be nice if they weren’t so disruptive.

Monday Monologue #340

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • We are back and had a good time away in the sun. We keep hoping for sunny days around here; but the unseasonal rain goes on and on and on.
  • A recent update made some unexpected changes to Office. All of the icons are different and some things are moved around. It’s almost like a totally new version which is a bit disconcerting since you generally expect updates to not be as obtrusive.
  • I don’t know how long or how well I will be able to do it; but I trying not to complain. When things are good, they are really good. And when things are “bad” there are people wo would love to trade places with us.
  • We still have a lot of room for improvement; but our rowing is a lot better than when we first started or even compared to a few years ago. We are not “fast”; but we’re not slow anymore either.