Friday Featurette #79

The Husband and The Wife holding hands relaxing on the bedNow that it’s finally spring, The Wife and I are “jonesing” for some shiny new things. Right now, a new washer and dryer are at the top of the list. I’ve kept our current set going for a long time. But, they are both still kinda noisy in her old age. And we would like something better suited to the workout gear that we wear so much of. Or lifestyle has changed a lot in 16 years. Of course, there are still a few constants.

Have a great weekend.

Friday Featurette #78

The Husband and The Wife getting ready for the weekendWhen I was returning from lunch today, someone who works in the same building stopped ambushed me in the parking lot to complain that I bumped the side of their vehicle with my door one day last month when I was getting out of my car. Who does things like that? First, their car is OLD and not in good shape. Second, why wait a month to say something? And third, if their car is that precious, why not park at the far end of the lot where no one would park next to them? I was outwardly polite; but,…

I’m really glad for the weekend and a couple of days away from people like that.

Traditional Thursday #78

The Husband on top of The Wife on top of the new bed set

Everyone is probably watching basketball, so we’re only posting one image today. As you can see, The Wife and I are really enjoying our new bed set.

Good luck to your teams this weekend.

Friday Featurette #77

The Wife sitting on the bed waiting for The Husband wearing a light blue teddyI’ve been overdosing on basketball so we’re posting this a lot later than usual. I’m not nearly as fanatical as some; but I do enjoy tournament time. Especially when some our favorite teams are teams doing better than expected. Anyway, here is a photo of The Wife sitting on the bed waiting for me wearing a light blue teddy. Always a good way to start the weekend. If you follow basketball, good luck to your teams.