Wednesday Weirdness #340

I doesn’t happen very often; but I recently had a week where I cut my grass more frequently than my next-door neighbor! He was actually cutting his lawn every other day to keep up. I’m back on my regular (AKA weekly) schedule now. But it was amusing to see how he reacted to my grass being shorter than his when it was too late in the evening to mow and he had to wait until the next day. (He still cut his lawn the next time I cut mine even though he last mowed a day later than l did.)

Wednesday Weirdness #174

I had a long day at work yesterday followed by a short night and another long day again today. So I was both physically and mentally tired when I came finally came home. So much so that I made sure to open the door to the house carefully so as not to bump the “temporary” dog who doesn’t live here any longer. I’m not sure whether its good thing or a bad thing that I forget we don’t have a dog around anymore when I’m tired. What is undeniably good is that all her accidents are a memory.