Wednesday Weirdness #171

Every year around this time, I’m amazed at how crowded the gyms I go to get. I’ve seen people who I haven’t seen around in months and, after a few more visits, probably won’t see for until for a long time. It happens every year. But, it’s still interesting to see how quickly people stop coming; even if they have paid in advance.

Wednesday Weirdness #135

One of the people that I was travelling with this past weekend was VERY impatient. Even when it was obvious that the people she was trying to “hurry” were involved in appropriate activities. Things get finished when they get finished. And, in this case, it should have been easy for her to figure out when that would be. I knew the expected schedule. So it was amusing and annoying at the same time.

Wednesday Weirdness #119

We are well into the New Year and I have only seen a handful of “new” people in the gym trying to lose weight. Usually it’s so crowded the first week or two of the year that it’s difficult to get a machine without waiting. It’s kinda surprising that more people aren’t trying to get in shape. Maybe the cold weather is keeping them away.

Wednesday Weirdness #118

When I was at the gym working out, I noticed several people who appeared to be getting an early start on their New Year’s resolution to lose weight. I’m generally familiar with the regulars; but, it’s the totally unsuitable gym attire that makes them stand out. I’m amazed by how many people “improvise” and then are surprised and disappointed at their lack of results. I know I would be totally miserable and probably stop going if I was dressed like they were.