Friday Featurette #221

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" session wearing a Santa hatThe data center that hosts the server for this blog has been having networking issues recently. To (hopefully) permanently fix the problem they will be performing an equipment upgrade this weekend. So, if we’re offline for a while like we were a couple of weeks ago, we haven’t vanished forever. We’ll be back as soon as connectivity is restored. Hopefully it’s the last outage for a long time.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Friday Featurette #117

The Wife sitting naked on the bed wearing a Santa HatChristmas was great. Everyone in our immediate family received gifts that they can really use. Obviously, The Wife and I are good getting things for the kids since we know them so well; but we got good things from them as well. Of course we got the usual collections of gigantic nightgowns from some of our other relatives which we’ll recycle at the white elephant gift exchange plan on going to; but; that was expected.

P.S. This is our last Santa Hat photograph of the season.

Friday Featurette #116

The Wife lounging in the bed wearing a Santa HatNo Christmas tree photographs this year since our son seldom leaves the left the house and we’re never home alone. We’re not longing for the days of being perpetual empty nesters. But, we would real love some occasionally home alone time. We’ll see what the new year brings.

Traditional Thursday #116

The Wife and The Husband having sex in Santa HatsChristmas is in exactly a week; so today seemed like a good day to post a picture of us in our Santa hats. Our phot posts are seldom never serious; but wearing Santa hats makes this one even more light-hearted. We’ll be posting next week; but still wanted to wish our visitors a merry Christmas before everyone is off for the holidays.