Traditional Thursday #328

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airI complain a lot about the winter weather since we can’t do nearly as much outside as we can during the summer. I would complain a lot more if we didn’t have an attached garage and I didn’t have covered parking and long-range remote start I didn’t park when I’m at work or running errands. When you use them every day, luxuries almost seem like necessities. We’ve probably become spoiled; but I like it that way. It makes the winter tolerable.

Tuesday Two For #325

It’s cold outdoors; but its warm inside. Partly because I turned the heat a couple of degrees so it wasn’t so drafty. And partly because we decided to make our own warmth. Not much to do except stay in and wait until it’s not so bitter cold. If you are inside the vortex, say warm and stay safe. And, if you are not, enjoy your good fortune (and the accompanying warmth).

Traditional Thursday #324

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs togetherWith all of the useless new features that have been added to WordPress, the developers still have not added a way to undo an accidentally scheduled post despite it having been being a feature request for many years. There are a bunch of kludges in their knowledgebase that don’t work. Its free so I shouldn’t complain. But the continued adding of new features at the expense of fixing existing bugs is frustrating.