Tuesday Two For #343

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairAs you can see, The Wife is just starting to get a tan. We’ve had several days of sunny weather recently. Its only been a few days but it seems that summer may finally be here. That would be very good fortune as our annual summer vacation (for Independence Day) is next week. The extended forecast looks promising; but we’ve been disappointed many times this year. For now, we still have high hopes.

Friday Featurette #342

The Wife bending over to pick up some pillows that got tossed on the floorWe’re hopeful that we may finally be able to row sometime this weekend even though the river forecast not promising. This year we’ve experienced the worst conditions for outdoor activities that we’ve ever had since we started. It’s a very minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things. However, it is somewhat frustrating that wet and dreary has become “normal”. We’d like to think that summer will bring some actual summer weather. Wish us luck and have a great weekend.

Friday Featurette #326

The Wife in the bathroom getting ready for a phots sessionAmazingly, our basement did not flood despite our home being without power to run the sump pump for several hours while the ground was saturated with water due to melting snow and heavy rain fall. We were very lucky. The sump pump cycled on and off for a long time after the power came back on. It never used to run even in the spring. Now, with the rising water table over the last few years, we will probably be purchasing a battery backup in the very near future.

Have a great weekend!

Friday Featurette #320

The Husband and The Wife hhanging positionsToday is our last photo post of the year. It’s amazing how quickly this year has passed. Its been a good year for us, although there were some occasional bumps along the way. We hope that you are preparing for another four-day weekend. If we don’t see you until 2019, have a happy New Year.

Friday Featurette #302

This weekend looks like a good one to get in the swimming pool. Unfortunately, our pool heater will not ignite. With any luck, the water will be warm enough that it won’t matter. We’re going to get it fixed since there is not any point in having a pool that you can’t use. But, we’ve had certainly enough broken things already this year. Hopefully we will be lucky and it will be something minor and we can. We’ve definitely had more than our share of bad luck recently. Have a great weekend. Maybe our next post will be about relaxing in the pool.

Friday Featurette #192

The Wife sitting naked on the floor drying her hairPosting another “rerun” today. We still haven’t decided what to do about our camera. I have determined that the battery kinda works if I charge it shortly before use. It just loses power rapidly when it’s not in use. Probably the expected behavior after taking over 10,000 photos; but, its still a nuisance. Happy Friday everyone.

Friday Featurette #189

The Wife sitting naked on the floor drying her hairToday is Friday the 13th and I’m kinda superstitious, so we’re just going to post this picture and sign off for the day. So far, nothing bad has happened and we hope to keep it that way. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday Two For #152

We’re keeping somewhat of the same angle that we used last week; but were actually recording the image in the mirror so it’s kinda different and kinda the same. Let us know what you think. BTW, there was a lot of background noise so the is no audio. It would be nice to have an empty house if only for a few hours.