Wednesday Weirdness #372

I got two packages in the same day form the same online vendor for merchandise that were on the same order. I know that the items were shipped form from separate warehouses; but it still seems odd that they don’t have a more robust way of consolidating shipments

Wednesday Weirdness #371

Going to work in the morning, I drive on a section of road where the speed limit goes from 50mph to 35mph to 25pmh in a very short distance. A well-marked and highly visible police car sometimes sits at the start of the 25mph zone. As easy as the vehicle is to see, I’m amazed that anyone gets caught speeding. But, apparently, some drives don’t pay any attention at all to their surroundings.

Wednesday Weirdness #370

On Monday, I saw a driver make a U-turn on a one-way street and head into oncoming traffic. There were a lot of cars coming so I don’t understand how they got confused. There was far too much traffic coming for them to make it to the next cross street. So, they had to pull over and wait until they could make a second U-turn and go the right way. Luckily, they didn’t cause an accident although there were several near misses.

Wednesday Weirdness #365

Our microwave oven still works but sounds dreadful. We’re wondering whether to preemptively replace it or wait until it totally dies. The one that we want is special order both locally and online. And, surprisingly, the local stores can tell you exactly when they would expect to receive it unlike the online sellers who can only provide a broad range. It seems like it should be the other way around.

Wednesday Weirdness #364

I know someone who’s always creating new (free) email addresses; but never tells anyone she corresponds with until thy ask why she didn’t reply to an address that she doesn’t check any more. And, of course, she can never find anything she’s sent because she can’t remember when she sent it or what account she used. To say she is quite frustrating to interact with is an understatement.

Wednesday Weirdness #362

I saw a guy driving on the sidewalk so he didn’t have to go the wrong way down a one-way street. And then he drove the wrong way on a less busy one-way street. It’s amazing at what people will do in order to avoid going around the block. I’m not surprised. Just disgusted. People don’t expect cars on the sidewalk. He could have very easily hit someone who wasn’t paying attention.

Wednesday Weirdness #358

Late last week, someone left their disabled car parked in our neighborhood just past the intersection to a busy through street and, for whatever reason didn’t come back for it over the weekend. It was ticked multiple times and then impounded. I understand that sometimes cars break down. But why create the extra nuisance and expense? Now they have to pay for towing and storage if they want their vehicle back.

Wednesday Weirdness #349

Even though we’re in the middle of a mini-drought, my next-door neighbor is still cutting his grass. He’s basically “cutting” it to the same height as it was. Running the mower just puts extra stress on his lawn and doesn’t make any difference to the way it looks.

Wednesday Weirdness #339

The person we call the “scavenger dude” who comes by in the night before trash collection took the broken electric trimmer. He’s going to be disappointed to discover that I wasn’t just upgrading and the pawl in the trimmer head is broken. I wonder what he does with stuff once he finds out it doesn’t work and was in the garbage for a reason.

Wednesday Weirdness #336

I recently made a purchase from a vendor that I had to place the order THREE times before it was successful! The first order was cancelled despite my credit card being charged. Then the second one was cancelled for non-payment (even though they actually had my money) since the large charge was a duplicate and the bank wouldn’t process it. Then when I called back again to get things fixed, they had the same problem placing the third one; but they finally figured it out. And these difficulties were despite making every order over the phone with U.S-based customer service. I’m sure it wouldn’t be this hard if they weren’t the only source of the items they sell.