Monday Monologue #329

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • Amazingly, we survived this weekend’s windstorm without a power failure. More often than not, we’re the unlucky ones who lose power, sometimes for days.
  • I’ve recently started using a fitness tracker. It will be interesting to see how I compare to The Wife. She’s had one for a while now.
  • Working downtown, I often see cars going the wrong way on one-way streets. Usually, they turn around or turn off once they realize. But for the first time, I saw a driver increase speed in an attempt to reach the two-way portion that is quite some distance away as quickly as possible.
  • The latest update of our smart phones’ mail app doesn’t always retrieve all the mail from the server. It’s a very unlikely scenario that probably most people never encounter. Unfortunately, it happens for us all the time. It took a while; but we’ve got a workaround which is good since the issue will probably never get fixed since it is so rare for everyone else.

Wednesday Weirdness #323

When I went to the eye doctor yesterday, a guy in the midst of double parking across from the building was extremely angry that someone else had double-parked directly in front of the building which is where he wanted to park block traffic. The irony that they were both doing something rude and illegal was totally lost on him. I had to try hard not to laugh as he cursed at the other vehicle. Especially since there were plenty of open spaces in the parking lot.

Wednesday Weirdness #322

I somehow ended up on a political issues mailing list that is totally opposite of my actual viewpoint. I wonder if the was an error in their analytics or if I’m being pranked by someone. The emails are so melodramatic that they are actually somewhat amusing so I haven’t blocked them yet. But, I do wonder if the author is just trying to get attention or really believes what they have written.

Wednesday Weirdness #321

I stopped into our local discount super store to get a Blu-Ray to watch over the weekend and was on my way the front to the check out when I noticed that someone had opened the inner wrapping and removed the card with the digital movie code but left the disk. I would not have thought that would be something people would shoplift. I guess some people will steal anything. I’m just glad I noticed before I left the store. From now on, I’ll have to carefully inspect the packaging of the movies I buy.

Wednesday Weirdness #320

I saw a classic car with the hood up that was broken down on my way to the gym today. Old cars can be fun; but not in December. I certainly would not drive a 50-year old motor vehicle in the winter around here. Today wasn’t freezing like it often is; but, it was still a long, cold wait for a tow.

Monday Monologue #320

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • In the spirit of Christmas, I changed the ringtone on my phone to a Christmas song. I won’t keep it beyond the festive period; but, it’s a good way to help get into the holiday spirit.
    The Wife and I are hosting Christmas this year. Or family doesn’t rotate holiday get-togethers so this will be new for everyone, especially us.
  • The gym was open until noon today so I got in a Christmas-eve workout. It was an “easy” day for me so I people-watched while I did my thing. Some people spend more time finding the perfect workout music than actually using the machine.
  • The Wife and I are really enjoying our time away. We always take vacation the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day (plus a few more days if things work out).

Wednesday Weirdness #318

I tried the new WordPress Block Editor today. It’s certainly different and probably marginally better than the “classic” Editor. But it’s relatively still primitive. I still much prefer using an old-style desktop word processor application. You can manipulate content easier than you could before. I doubt many people will need use the new capability. Right now, it seems like a lot of wasted effort. But, it’s free so I shouldn’t really complain.

Wednesday Weirdness #315

Its only Wednesday and my email inbox is over flowing with Thanksgiving Day sales. I do read them in case someone has a good price on something we plan to purchase. I don’t understand some of the advertised sales. It’s very, very, unlikely that we will be buying pool equipment or supplies in late November. Sending an email is technically free. But, most companies still pay someone else to send to the addresses on their email lists.

Wednesday Weirdness #312

A driver that was going the wrong way down the street got mad that I yelled ” Wrong way! Wrong way! Wrong way!” at him after I jumped out of the way of his car. I try to be careful in downtown crosswalks. But, it’s difficult to stay out of the way when cars turn from any direction, even ones they aren’t supposed to.

Monday Monologue #312

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I purchased some new digital music on Friday for the first time in a long time. I like having new songs to listen too. But, sometimes, I get busy doing things and realize I haven’t got any new .MP3s in several months even if I have digital credits.
  • I had a flat tire on Saturday afternoon and had to rush to the repair shop and have it fixed before they closed. Thankfully, the tire was repairable (unlike the last flat we had). But, I didn’t have the lazy afternoon around the house that I was expecting.
  • We’re back on the air after having technical difficulties for much of the day. The web server was still on the intranet. Unfortunately, DNS resolution for our domain was broken. Everything is fixed now. Hopefully this is the last hiccup for a while.
  • Amazingly the checker at the hardware store had never seen a dollar coin before and refused to accept it. Rather than use a larger bill and get a bunch of tattered 1-dollar bills back, I made her call the head cashier who could explained that it was real money to her.