Wednesday Weirdness #277

Happy St. Valentine’s Day to everyone out there. Believe it or not, I had evening activities postponed because of the “holiday”. I know events in the past must have cancelled or rescheduled even though I can’t remember it. I just never considered Valentine’s Day the type of event that things got rescheduled for. Personally, we would rather go out when places aren’t so crowded.

Wednesday Weirdness #266

I saw a dump truck almost run into the back of a semi at full speed on the highway on the way to work. The dump truck driver slammed on the brakes and swerved onto the exit ramp at the last instant. I had already merged to get off; but fortunately, I was far enough back to avoid getting run over. I had to brake hard so, I don’t think he saw me and the other vehicles in the exit lane. Or, possibly, he just decided to run us all over since the outcome would be better for him. Then, after almost causing a chain reaction accident, he just got back into the left lane and went on!

Wednesday Weirdness #259

I’ve been dealing a lot recently with a scatterbrained person who “remembers” things that are totally inaccurate. She gets everything and everybody confused. I don’t even know what to tell her since I have no idea what concerns me that she might be mixing up with someone else. Everything is a big disorganized mess.

Monday Monologue #259

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I was able to cut the grass in between the time we rowed and we got in the pool after we got home on Sunday. So, I got my weekend chores done and had still had a relaxing day.
  • My next door neighbor cut his grass too even though he cut it few days ago. It’s kinda funny that my grass can never be shorter than his. Of course, the grass in our yard is much thicker and looks a lot better since it’s not stressed by constant mowing.
  • Earlier today, I almost got run into by a car turning left into oncoming traffic after going the wrong way on a one-way street to go the wrong way on the one-way street I was driving on. Thy didn’t seem to know or care that they were going the wrong way.
  • Every day the sunset gets noticeably earlier and earlier. It’s kinda depressing. It won’t be too long before we’ll only have the weekend to do outside things because it will get too dark in the evenings.

Monday Monologue #235

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I hope that I didn’t jinx myself; but, I put the snow shovels back in the basement and change my reconfigured my outdoor power equipment for grass cutting mode. I also mowed the grass for the first time of the season. It’s definitely spring.
  • The computer that controls all of the “smart” features on our new vehicle is was having problems over the weekend. I didn’t realize how used to the features I had become until they weren’t working. I called the dealership and the advisor seemed familiar with the issue; so, presumably, they can fix it.
  • I saw someone deliberately drive the wrong way on a one-way street today because they didn’t feel like going around the block. It was clear that they knew exactly what they were doing from the way that they stopped and checked traffic beforehand.
  • We rowed today for the fourth consecutive day. That wouldn’t be significant in the middle of the summer; but it’s glorious from March.

Wednesday Weirdness #229

When I was on my way to my evening workout, I saw someone driving the wrong way down a one-way street because they were too lazy to go around the block. Instead, they made two lanes of oncoming traffic yield. People who think rules are for other people can be really obnoxious.

Wednesday Weirdness #227

When I was on my way home from work today, a car backed out in front of me without looking and then did a U-turn to head in the opposite direction. I had to come to a complete stop to avoid an accident even though I, obviously, had the right of way. They should have looked even if they weren’t expecting much traffic. When our vehicles passed each other, I saw that the driver was focused on their phone. I just hope they made it home safely for their sake and other drivers along the way.

Wednesday Weirdness #225

When I was driving back to work today after lunch, I saw someone drive left of center because the left turn lane was closed due to construction and they didn’t know what to do. They didn’t get back on the right side for several blocks, narrowly avoiding several cars even though the was plenty of room and people were trying to let them in. Some people really panic in unexpected situations.

Wednesday Weirdness #223

As always right after the first of the year the gym was packed on Tuesday. Then, every day, there will be fewer and fewer people until one day it’s just the “regulars” again. It happens every year; but I’m still always amazed how quickly the newcomers lose their resolve after being so enthusiastic their first days.

Wednesday Weirdness #210

I had another one of those “how could you not know that” moments with someone on Monday. I’m amazed at how totally unobservant people are. They never notice things that they have seen regularly for a long, long time. The world is a big complex place and there are a lot of distractions. But, some things are very hard to miss.