Traditional Thursday #378

The Husband and The Wife having sex side by sideI’m really glad we got our own exercise equipment last year. I’m probably being paranoid; but I’m not going to the gym and using public equipment that some unknown person or persons has sweated on anytime in the near future.

Tuesday Two For #324

The Husband and The Wife having sex side by sideWhen I was driving around in the garage today looking for a parking space before work, I saw someone had parked the car across THREE spaces. No one like dings in their car. But it’s still mind boggling that someone would do that in a parking garage for monthly parkers with a limited amount of spaces. They probably do the same thing everywhere they go. I wonder how many times they have parked in by other annoyed drivers.

Traditional Thursday #322

The Husband and The Wife having sex side by sideI just did yet another WordPress update. The latest major version has new update every two or three weeks. Obviously, that’s much too often. It’s good it’s free software. I certainly wouldn’t pay for a product with so many bugs. Despite the nuisance of changing, I am still investigating alternatives. Hopefully this latest update didn’t break anything.

Traditional Thursday #283

I’m not quite sure what our signature video topic for 20018 will be; but, right now, we serendipitously seem to creating, more high-quality videos. (Although the sound track still needs work.) Here is the continuation from Tuesday. It looks like, once again, it will be to wet to go out and play for a while.

Friday Featurette #266

The Husband and The Wife having sex side by sideI do not think that I will be catching up on yardwork this weekend. The weather forecast calls for heavy rains on Saturday followed by near- freezing to below-freezing temperatures on Sunday. I’d like to say that we’ll be inside by the fireplace most of both days. Unfortunately, we’ve got outside chores to do that will keep us busy for many, many hours. And, unlike The Wife, I am not on vacation all next week. I mostly like to use my vacation when the weather is nice. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m not slightly jealous of The Wife who gets more vacation than I do. Stay warm, stay dry and have a great weekend.

Friday Featurette #254

The Husband and The Wife having sex side by sideWe are on a late summer staycation vacation next week and will be taking the week off from blogging. Instead were going to get outside and enjoy the summer. Everyone have a great weekend. See you on the other side.

Traditional Thursday #185

This past winter was mild as winters go; but the spring has been especially frustrating. It’s either been too cold or to wet or both to do anything outside. And, on the occasional day that it has been warm and not raining, everything has still been soggy and wet. The forecast for the seven days finally looks good, so The Wife and I are making plans to enjoy it. We use to never take time off in April; but, now there on reason not to. We’re going to get out and enjoy the spring.

Friday Featurette #181

The Husband and The Wife side by sideSpring may be right around the corner; but winter isn’t giving up without a fight. Its supposed to be cold with a possibility of snow flurries over the weekend. Hard to believe that we were actually out rowing last week. We definitely don’t have plans to do anything outside. And, unfortunately, the team we follow is already out of the tournament. So I’m not going to OD on basketball. We’re just going to relax, watch some soccer and think about spring. We hope your teams and your brackets is doing better than ours. Have a wonderful weekend.