Monday Monologue #350

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • Both Saturday and Sunday were busy days like we “like”.  Probably a bit too busy.  But much better than sitting inside waiting for warm weather.
  • The river we row on is really shallow because of the drought.  There ware always places you could see the bottom.  But, now it’s not deep enough to safely row in places that the water level was never an issue.
  • I washed my car so, of course, it rained.  Not enough to help the grass.  But enough so that my car didn’t look like I washed it recently.
  • We’re both taking some time off this week so we won’t be posting until after we go back to work.  It Looking forward to our time way.

Monday Monologue #347

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • The heat wave we are having has been great! We were able to get in the pool and row afterward in the late evening on the same day. Probably too hot for most people; but great for us.
  • It rained some on Sunday evening. It’s been so hot and dry that it didn’t make the river get to high and the grass still isn’t long and shaggy (although I will need to cut it soon).
  • Kinda sad for the people who had outdoor events cancelled this weekend due to the heat. We like it warm; but don’t like seeing people miss out on things that thy had been planning.
  • I wore a hat when we rowed on Sunday and jut keeping my face in the shade it made a big deference in how cool I felt. Something to keep in mind for the future.

Monday Monologue #344

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • We rowed and got in the pool both today and yesterday. It doesn’t get any better than that. Day’s like today don’t come around too often.
  • We’re on vacation all this week, and so far, the weather has cooperated. Rain is in the forecast almost every afternoon or evening; but; mornings are supposed to be sunny and warm.
  • We’re soccer fans so we’ve been following the games from France. Its great being on vacation and able to watch the big game tomorrow live.
  • I still haven’t washed my car. Mostly because I’m slightly superstitious and don’t want to jinx us.

Monday Monologue #343

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • We rowed yesterday even though conditions were marginal. It was good to be on the water again.
  • With all of the poor weather that has kept us from rowing, I’ve been cutting the grass more than once a week. My next-door neighbor doesn’t know quite what to do and cuts his grass more frequently than ever.
  • I am not missing all the fussing with extension cords now that I exclusively use my gas string trimmer. But I am missing the automatic feed. Having to stop and bump the head to feed line is a nuisance.
  • I still haven’t washed my car recently which is very unusual for me. Waiting in line at the car wash is the last thing on my mind we have a rare period of extended sunny weather.

Monday Monologue #341

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • I was outside all day on Saturday and Sunday even though it rained. It wasn’t cold even though it was wet. We’ve had very few weekends of good weather this year. It was still better than being inside.
  • We have been taking more walks in the evenings we can’t get out and row since our fitness trackers show how sedentary we are when were stuck indoors. The wife has good habits. I need a lot of exercise to match my diet.
  • Because of the weather, I’ve been cutting my grass slightly more frequently including Saturday afternoon. Still, not like my next-door neighbor who is obsessed.
  • We rowed today even though it was windy. Ordinarily we may not have. But, even though it’s June, it’s still a somewhat rare treat to row (semi) regularly.

Monday Monologue #340

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • We are back and had a good time away in the sun. We keep hoping for sunny days around here; but the unseasonal rain goes on and on and on.
  • A recent update made some unexpected changes to Office. All of the icons are different and some things are moved around. It’s almost like a totally new version which is a bit disconcerting since you generally expect updates to not be as obtrusive.
  • I don’t know how long or how well I will be able to do it; but I trying not to complain. When things are good, they are really good. And when things are “bad” there are people wo would love to trade places with us.
  • We still have a lot of room for improvement; but our rowing is a lot better than when we first started or even compared to a few years ago. We are not “fast”; but we’re not slow anymore either.

Wednesday Weirdness #338

We had a warm, sunny day today! Warm enough so that, even though I was busy until the evening, we could go for a row at sunset and still have it be a pleasant temperature. We enjoy rowing at dusk when it’s warm (as long as we don’t encounter any skunks when we put our boat away). The weather has been trending warmer. Hopefully, a warm evening won’t seem notable.

Monday Monologue #333

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • There have been several of outages in the data center our server is in; both scheduled and unscheduled recently. Thanks for sticking with us. Hopefully you are able to read this.
  • It was a bit chilly on Sunday afternoon; but we were able to row both days this weekend. That makes it seem more like spring even though the weather was too dark and rainy to do anything outside today.
  • We need to get new tires for our SUV. We’re use to below-average fuel economy, so, most of the time, we really like having a larger vehicle. Except when we need to replace the tires or do similar maintenance. Nothing that fits our vehicle is competitivity priced.
  • We are going to be offline for the rest of the week. We will see you in seven days.

Wednesday Weirdness #332

Today was the first day of spring. And, the forecast rains head off long enough for The Wife and I to go for a row. The weather wasn’t totally spring like; but it was good to be on the water. Somehow, over the past few years, we’ve become “diehards” and do things we wouldn’t have remotely considered doing a few years ago. I’m still not sure how or when it happened.

Monday Monologue #332

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day everyone. We did a few errands; but, otherwise, mostly stayed in. A quiet day at home was what I need to relax and recharge
  • We are (mostly) adjusted to the time change and its only taken a week. Usually it takes us longer. Perhaps having several somewhat sunny days last week helped. It was definitely a welcome change from the gray skies we have so often during the winter.
  • Now that we’ve been outside rowing, I am having a hard time getting motivated for my indoor workouts. I still go to the gym; but, it’s difficult to really go as hard; especially with the first day of spring on Wednesday.
  • Looking forward to “March Madness”. We don’t have a favorite team; but, it’s still fun to follow since every game is “win or go home”. And, there is a “Cinderella” almost every year.