Wednesday Weirdness #255

Some idiot kid thought that it would be fun to ride his bicycle under our boat while we were carrying it rather than go around! He could have really gotten hurt if he ran into the rigger. And our boat could have been heavily damaged. I yelled at him; but, he didn’t care. He was just a complete jerk.

Wednesday Weirdness #14

A few of weeks ago I posted about a coworker with a bad comb over who jokes about my hair. Similarly, there are several people in the office who make snide comments about all extra bags (with my workout gear) I bring in mornings; and the fact that I typically exercise over my lunch break rather than get something to eat. The funny/sad thing is that the two people who criticize my exercise routine the most are substantially (i.e. 80+ lbs.) overweight. According to them, I don’t have as good of a physique as I should for as frequently as I workout. And this is at the same time as they are both making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight! It’s not good enough that I’m fit and healthy and don’t have a HUGE belly. Exercise is only worthwhile if it results in a perfect body. I didn’t say anything; but the only thing I could think was wow.

Wednesday Weirdness #12

A coworker was making fun of my “hair” today. I’ve always been more concerned with how I feel about my physical appearance rather than what others think; so it’s mostly amusing when people say something. I haven’t had much any hair for a long time and don’t worry about it; but, it was a strange exchange since he has an extremely bad comb over and the hair that he does still have is really, really long. Poor camouflage is worse than no camouflage at all. As if often the case when people are criticizing someone’s looks, the conversation says more about him than it does about me.

Coincidentally this is Wednesday Weirdness #12. And, since a similar date won’t happen again until next century, I changed the time on this post 12:12 so that the full date and time is 12/12/12 12:12.

Wednesday Weirdness #11

A coworker who was busy texting walked directly behind my already moving SUV on Monday. They didn’t even notice when I slammed on the brakes and came to a stop right next to where they were walking. Who reads messages on their phone when they are walking in traffic in a busy parking garage? Especially in the evening when everyone is a rush to get home? It is a good thing that I have a backup camera.