Monday Monologue #353

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • We had more free time this past weekend than usual since we didn’t have to do any yard work. I didn’t cut even the grass. After a wet, soggy spring, this has been a very dry summer. Mowing the lawn isn’t a favorite activity. But I would like just enough rain to keep the grass green.
  • We had some good rowing today and over the weekend. Unfortunately, its usually starting to get dark when we finish our weekday evening rows. So, we are rushing to get everything put away. But the weather has been warm.
  • There were some wacky games; but we still enjoyed the start of the pro football season. We lost whatever interest we had in baseball long ago. But we still follow our favorite college and professional football teams. Hopefully they will have good seasons.
  • We’ve had to add so much water to the pool this summer that I’ve needed to rebalance the chemistry multiple times. Usually all I have to do is occasionally add chlorine. But, adding a lot water from the hose to replace water that evaporated changes things.

Monday Monologue #352

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)
  • Today would have been a good day to get into the pool. Unfortunately, the day started out foggy and cloudy so I didn’t think about turning on the heater until it was too late.
  • We haven’t been able to get in the pool as much as we would like this year. It rained a lot in the spring and early summer. Then when it was warm, there were a lot of afternoon thunderstorms though there was very little actual rain.
  • We spent a lot of the Labor Day weekend doing yard work that had been put off. Its all done now. But it was a lot to do.
  • I cut the grass on Saturday. It was uneven; but not really high considering how long it has been. The super wet weather followed by hot, dry conditions has really been hard on our yard.

Monday Monologue #350

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • Both Saturday and Sunday were busy days like we “like”. Probably a bit too busy. But much better than sitting inside waiting for warm weather.
  • The river we row on is really shallow because of the drought. There ware always places you could see the bottom. But, now it’s not deep enough to safely row in places that the water level was never an issue.
  • I washed my car so, of course, it rained. Not enough to help the grass. But enough so that my car didn’t look like I washed it recently.
  • We’re both taking some time off this week so we won’t be posting until after we go back to work. It Looking forward to our time way.

Monday Monologue #349

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • We had a great weekend. The weather was good and we were outside enjoying the summer. The only “bad” thing was that we had to get up too early on Saturday morning.
  • We were out in the sun all day Saturday so we didn’t get in the pool on Sunday even though it was great pool weather. Instead we stayed inside and enjoyed the air conditioning when we weren’t doing things outdoors.
  • My car still has 2% oil life left despite us taking a road trip this week. I know thus because I’ve been seeing the change opal soon message multiple times a day all weekend. I will be very glad to finally have an oil change the week.
  • It’s been so dry that we finally had to start watering the grass. Needless to say, I haven’t been cutting the grass.

Monday Monologue #348

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • We had another weekend of warm, sunny weather. Typical July weather for around here; but very welcome after all he rain, we’ve had.
  • We’re dog-sitting the temporary dog (and friend) for a few days. Its just like old times excerpt it reminds us how much time has passed.
  • I cut my grass on Saturday. It wasn’t really long. I just wanted to even it up a bit. It’s in much better shape than the neighbor who continues to cut his several times a week despite the hot weather.
  • We got in the pool over the weekend too. The water was so warm that we didn’t even have to heat it up.

Monday Monologue #346

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • After a zero-day work week and a four-day work week, this week will seem long.
  • Its been hot so I haven’t been cutting my grass. Our grass is only slightly longer than that of our next-door neighbor who has cut his twice. But it’s much greener.
  • We got in the pool on Saturday and didn’t even need to turn on the heater. It’s been that warm recently. It won’t last; but after the cold, wet spring the July heatwave has been great.
  • The new air-conditioner that we got last year is fabulous. It runs way less than the old one; but still easily keeps the house cool.

Monday Monologue #345

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • Our Independence Day vacation was great! We got outside every day. Sometimes it rained; but we were able to enjoy the day before the rain or after the sun came back out. We got in the pool a lot too.
  • I had a dentist’s appointment today on my first day back to a regular work schedule. I don’t mind; but it was quite a difference from last Monday.
  • It’s been hot which is a good thing for us. So even though we had some rain, I only cut the grass once since it didn’t grow much.
  • We didn’t do everything we planed last week which is a good thing. It was great to just be spontaneous and not have anything that we “needed” to do. It was a great week!

Monday Monologue #343

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • We rowed yesterday even though conditions were marginal. It was good to be on the water again.
  • With all of the poor weather that has kept us from rowing, I’ve been cutting the grass more than once a week. My next-door neighbor doesn’t know quite what to do and cuts his grass more frequently than ever.
  • I am not missing all the fussing with extension cords now that I exclusively use my gas string trimmer. But I am missing the automatic feed. Having to stop and bump the head to feed line is a nuisance.
  • I still haven’t washed my car recently which is very unusual for me. Waiting in line at the car wash is the last thing on my mind we have a rare period of extended sunny weather.

Monday Monologue #342

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife)

  • It took most all of the weekend; but out computer is finally back to normal. Faulty software is very annoying. Especially when the system keeps crashing so you can’t uninstall it.
  • I had an excellent Father’s Day! I spent time with my kids. And then later I visited my Dad. Definitely one of those days that doesn’t come around too often.
  • I was able to cut the grass today before it started raining. Unfortunately, we have a lot more free time that we would like since it’s too wet outside for our usual activities.
  • I haven’t washed my car in weeks since its always either raining or about to rain (and the car wash is closed). Weather-wise this has not been a normal spring.

Wednesday Weirdness #340

I doesn’t happen very often; but I recently had a week where I cut my grass more frequently than my next-door neighbor! He was actually cutting his lawn every other day to keep up. I’m back on my regular (AKA weekly) schedule now. But it was amusing to see how he reacted to my grass being shorter than his when it was too late in the evening to mow and he had to wait until the next day. (He still cut his lawn the next time I cut mine even though he last mowed a day later than l did.)