Monday Monologue #260

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The recharged air conditioner cooled things down very efficiently and we had a cool Friday night and a comfortable weekend generally.
  • The Wife and I rowed extra on Sunday even though it was blazing hot. Mostly because it’s one of the last hot days of the summer. Sadly, we will be back to normal late September temperatures by the end of the week. We hate to see the end of summer.
  • We also got in the pool both days. It was glorious. It was probably for the last time of the year; but, it was a great way to end the pool season.
  • Due to a glitch from maintenance over the weekend, I have no email at work. In fact, I can’t even start Outlook and look back over old emails. And no matter how many times I personally tell people that I don’t have email, people continue to message me and wonder why I don’t respond.


Wednesday Weirdness #257

I finally got my gas trimer back from the repair shop after having to use the corded electric one all summer. It took a long, long time to get the correct parts from the manufacturer. I’ll barely use it this year since were so late into the mowing season. Hopefully it won’t break down again next season when the warranty has expired after I lost four months of use this year.

Monday Monologue #256

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I enjoyed the big fight this past Saturday. Usually, events like that don’t live up to the hype; but this one did.
  • We rowed and got in the pool on Sunday. Hopefully, there will be more of the same over the three-day weekend next week. Hopefully we won’t be in the path of hurricane remnants.
  • We have our pool closing scheduled so the un-official end of summer is near. It’s already starting to get dark much earlier than it a couple of months ago so it’s clear that that the long hot days of summer are coming to an end.
  • We’ve had to replace several things for our boat recently. Having your own equipment is nice but there is more ongoing maintenance that that I thought there would be. Probably because our more stringent definition of needs replacement.

Monday Monologue #254

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The events of this past weekend went well. Despite rain on Friday and Sunday. the weather on Saturday was great and everyone had a good time. And, it’s getting to be normal behavior; but the temporary dog was very well behaved.
  • I had my car in the shop for what should have been a simple task which ended up taking hours. New vehicles are nice; but they all of their electronics makes them extremely complicated.
  • I purposefully didn’t cut the grass over the weekend. It isn’t too long yet; but it will be by next weekend. Especially if it rains. But that’s the way of things. I would rather be cutting grass tan shoveling snow.
  • We had a great row today. We can go faster than we thought we could when we are adding speed and power. All of the work we’ve done this summer has been beneficial.

Monday Monologue #253

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • My Saturday was even busier than I expected. It was all good. But I’m still hoping for a quiet relaxing Saturday sometime in the next few weeks.
  • We’ve been washing our boat more frequently than in the past and we can definitely tell the difference. We’re getting a lot fewer hard water spots than we used to. We will certainly look good at our next regatta.
  • We row it a lot; and definitely are getting our money’s worth; but, it still seems wield that we have our own boat. It’s nothing we would have ever even considered when we first started. Now it’s our preferred row.
  • July has been a lot more rainy than normal, so I’ve had to cut the grass a lot more than normal. In a summer with ordinary rainfall, I would not have needed to cut the grass nearly as much as I have been.

Wednesday Weirdness #252

I found an exact replacement for a broken tilter gear in some wooden mini blinds that were custom built many, many years ago. Usually I’m not suprised by what’s available online; but, I certainly wasn’t expecting such a close match. Especially considering I’m having a difficult time finding a replacement battery for our camera and it’s a lot newer.

Monday Monologue #252

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • After my problems last week, I bought some jumper cables to put in my new vehicle even though its less than a year old. Hopefully I won’t need them; but it will save time if I ever do. Definitely quicker than calling roadside assistance. Of course, with two new vehicles, I thought that I was done with doing stuff like that.
  • We got absolutely soaked during our row on Friday. Heavy rain (but, thankfully, no lightning) suddenly popped not once but twice. Then the sun came back out. Of course, we were quite wet by then. Fortunately, it initially was a warm July day so we didn’t get too cold.
  • I finally got a small battery backup for our desktop computer. It won’t help for the longer power outages that we always seem to have. But, we’ve had a bunch of short ones where the power was off just long enough to restart the computer. Now we won’t lose our work when that happens.
  • We did another evening row today. Except for putting things away in the dark, we both kinda like rowing whine the sun is going down. Especially when its sunny and warm. A lot better than the days when we want/need the afternoon sun to make it warm enough to row.

Monday Monologue #250

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Temporary Dog and her owner were home this weekend. The dog still remembered how to swim which is always one of my worries and was well behaved except for barking out the window one night at a skunk wandering around in the front yard.
  • A flat tire on Saturday night is a nuisance if you have to drive home to another city the next day. There are not a lot of places that can fix it on Sunday. I was at the shop before 8AM and there was already a line before they opened.
  • I was out and about a lot on Saturday and Sunday so I didn’t cut the grass over the weekend. Hopefully it won’t get too long before I can get too it. I probably could have done it on Sunday, but I just wanted to relax and enjoy the last little bit of my vacation.
  • Its going to take several days to catch up on the work that accumulated while I was on vacation. Recently, it seems like taking time off is really just scheduling extra-long work days for when I return. I enjoy my vacations; but, hate the long hours that follow them.

Monday Monologue #249

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • All of the rain that we had in Friday made the water high and the river full of debris. So, we didn’t row over the weekend; but we definitely got in the pool. So far, a great start to our vacation.
  • I did few errands this morning. It was weird since some places were open and some places were closed. Most parking lots were only half full and I was able to get in and out of everywhere very quickly. If only every day could be like this.
  • My gas trimmer has been at the repair shop for a long, long time. I would have purchased a new one except its still under warranty. I’ve been using my old corded electric one for much of the summer which is a nuisance.
  • I ate way too much at the cookout we had today. It was good. I just need to make sure it’s a very occasional thing. I could never exercise enough if I at that much all the time.
  • Everyone have a happy and safe Independence Day.

Monday Monologue #248

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Since the river was too high and fast to row, The Wife and I used the time that we would have ordinarily been rowing been rowing to strip and wax our boat. It looks really nice and should probably be more than a once a year task.
  • Our swimming pool is almost over flowing. It went from almost needing to add water to nearly overflowing the sides in the matter of a few hours. It definitely would have overflowed if the water level hadn’t been low.
  • By Sunday, the grass had dried out enough to be mowed from Friday’s heavy rainfall. It was still a bit wet in places; but dry enough to cut. I was actually surprised that I could mow the entire yard.
  • Both of us got some new athletic clothing to wear while rowing in anticipation of hot weather. Hopefully we will “need ” to wear our new stuff in the very near future.