Friday Featurette #253

The Wife sitting naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionWe’ve got a busy weekend planed and its already started with the temporary dog and her owner coming home. Hopefully the rain gods will smile on us and everything will go smoothly. Wish us luck and have a great weekend. We will see you on the other side.

Tuesday Two For #251

I seem to have misplaced our”good” camera battery after I took it off the charger. I don’t misplace things that often, and I am usually pretty good at finding things when I do. But I didn’t realize it was missing until I noticed that the battery compartment was empty when I was reinserting the memory card and there wasn’t a lot of time to look for it. So, I did not get to work as much on videos this week as I planned since the camera battery died. Hopefully I’ll find it quickly. Meanwhile, I still have a few videos of our “preparations”.

Traditional Thursday #237

The Wife getting The Husband ready for actionWe decided that it’s not quite time to reach into the way-back machine and, instead, feature a photograph that showed off the tans we got while on vacation. That definitely wouldn’t be happening around here in early April.

Friday Featurette #202

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairHere is a better picture of the wife in front of the mirror drying her hair. I see it all the time; but it’s still one of my favorite candid images. We don’t usually like rain; but, were hoping for some this weekend to help the grass. But not enough for the river to get too high. August has been HOT which we like. We have an easier time cooling off than warming up so we would much rather be “hot” than cold. Plus it’s a lot easier and more convenient to dress to be cool when its hot outside than it is to layer up for the cold winter. Have a great weekend!

Friday Featurette #201

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairIt was HOT this today so The Wife and I had the river all to ourselves this evening. No other boats. No one fishing from the shore. Just us in our shell. We’re not misanthropes and often row with others. But; occasionally, the solitude is nice. Especially while it is warm. We know we’ll be solitary rowers later in the season when the water isn’t as warm and the days aren’t as long. Sadly, we’re already shopping for navigation lights. Have a great weekend.

Friday Featurette #197

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairOur vacation has been great so we’re kinda sad that today is the lost “official” day of our vacation. We’ve still got the weekend; but Monday is ominously close. I’ve mostly been able to stay offline; but I know a LOT has piled up while I’ve been out. As you can see from the photo, The Wife and I have been getting outside on the river and in the pool a lot recently. We’re not looking forward to being inside all day. Have a great weekend.

Friday Featurette #148

The Wife sitting naked on the bed with the last of the flavored lubricantThere will not be many more pictures like this one of I don’t acquire some more flavored lubricant. The summer has not be especially busy. I just never seem to think about it whenever I’m online. And, unfortunately, it’s not sold in any local stores. Around here, the retail selection is very limited; and is more focused on function rather than fun. And, for us, bedroom accessories are only for “entertainment purposes”. But we did make the most of our last squeeze.

Have a great weekend!

Friday Featurette #141

The Wife longing naked on the bed showing her early summer tan linesNow that it’s been redone and the weather has been nice, we’ve finally been able to get in the pool as much as we’d like. It’s MUCH better than the last few years. The worn down paint was mostly cosmetic; but we hadn’t realized how “dirty” the water was. It was clear and the chemistry was balanced; but, over the years, a lot of “stuff” had been dissolved in it. Now it just feels better. Have a great weekend!