Wednesday Weirdness #293

A driver got mad at me when I was crossing the street downtown for backing out of the crosswalk because I didn’t think he was going to stop for a red light. He angrily motioned me across after slamming on the brakes at the last second. I have no idea why people rush up to stop lights and slow down at the last moment when the light is red and has been for a long time. Assuming that they are going to stop is a bad idea.

Wednesday Weirdness #258

I very narrowly avoided colliding with a car going right of the center line when turning right out of a drive way the other day. I had to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident. Meanwhile, they proceeded on oblivious how close they came to crashing into me. There was no reason for them to come into my lane except for the fact that they obviously weren’t paying any attention to what they were doing.

Wednesday Weirdness #255

Some idiot kid thought that it would be fun to ride his bicycle under our boat while we were carrying it rather than go around! He could have really gotten hurt if he ran into the rigger. And our boat could have been heavily damaged. I yelled at him; but, he didn’t care. He was just a complete jerk.

Wednesday Weirdness #237

We’re home now and had a great time; but the one mildly “annoying” things about our trip was how many people in LARGE power boats ignored the many “No Wake Zone” signs. Especially considering how many easily swamped water craft were on the water. It would have only take them a few minutes extra to travel through the zone; but, apparently, that was too much trouble. Some idiots were actually at full throttle.

Wednesday Weirdness #236

An internet seller with whom I’ve purchased from many times recently updated the software that manages their online store. My latest order was somehow stuck on hold for unknown reasons. I called them about it several times; but they were never able to ship it. I was patient for a while; but finally gave up and cancelled it. I would have understood the delay if they have better communicated the issues. But, it’s frustrating to be not have something that I’ve purchased and paid for and be waiting for days on an explanation and ETA. Now I’m waiting on a refund which isn’t as much of an annoyance since I’ve definitely got way to get my money back.

Wednesday Weirdness #222

It happens every year; but I’m always amazed by how many email requests I get from people that know I’m on vacation. And then, when I don’t reply, they email me again. I’m not off the grid; but, that doesn’t mean I’m working. That should not be a difficult concept; but, somehow, it is.

Wednesday Weirdness #218

I almost got hit by a car when I was walking back after finishing my run yesterday. The driver completely stippled and looked directly at me. So, I started to cross since I had the walk signal. Then they suddenly started making a right turn. I had to quickly jump out of the way to avoid being run over. I’m just glad I’m always ultra-alert whenever I’m crossing the street in the downtown area.

Wednesday Weirdness #217

I thought it was kinda strange when I received an invitation to a meeting today. So, I really wasn’t surprised that the person who organized it wasn’t in the office. It would have been much too logical to have the meeting yesterday or next week. Life in the corporate world can be strange sometimes.

Wednesday Weirdness #215

Some animal, presumably a deer, damaged the fence around our backyard. That’s life in the suburbs; but, it’s still a nuisance. Especially since fencing is hard to find during the fall and winter. Hopefully we won’t have any more large animal problems for a long time.

Wednesday Weirdness #206

When I stopped off at the store today to buy a few items the clerk’s clash drawer was out of change in small denominations so she was shortchanging everyone. Apparently it was just too much trouble to stop and replenish. It’s not the loss of a few coins that was annoying. It’s the idea that she felt comfortable keeping everyone’s money. I almost never shop at this particular place and it will be a long, long time before I do so again.